Do you want to leave the daily routine behind you during your visit to Madrid? Uemura would like to offer you a special service in a dreamy and relaxing atmosphere designed for your well-being. On a hot stone, slowly pour warm water over the body and massaged with an artisanal mixture of salt and rose. As a result of friction with the skin, the first thing you feel is a kind of significant tingling, which refines, softens and moisturizes at the same time, while circulation is activated. The massage also brings a deep sense of relaxation and at the same time, vitality. After the massage you can continue your swim in the cold, hot and warm room. You will just need to relax and enjoy. Please contact us if you have any doubts. We will be glad to help you and we have all the necessary information about our facilities and treatments at your disposal.

REF: PR-0000000538

Price of the service: €51.00

CITY: Madrid

DURATION: 1.1 Hour(s)

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Obligatory use of swimwear

We would ask you to be quiet to keep the relax atmosphere and prevent inconvenience for other users.

Use of personal shoes is only available in the changing room.

We would ask you to be punctual. When the tour is started, it is not available to recover the lost time.

In the changing room are shampoo, shower gel, hair dryer and lockers to keep your personal objects.