Skyfall is one of the best bars to have a drink and admire the view. It is suggested mainly in summer time because the view from the balcony is perfect. Its top cocktail is "skyfall" among others. If you are lucky enough depending on the day that you choose to visit it, LATIN parties always take place during summer... Great place for drinks or weekend cocktails! Chill music, great persons, a bar that fulfil your wishes! An extreme place to meet, discuss, relax, party, and just feel wonderful!!! Come to experience! We offer you a VIP table with 2 bottles of Whiskey or Vodka for you to have a wonderful night.

REF: PR-0000001093

Price: €220.00

CITY: Athens

DURATION: 3 Hour(s)

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You can choose your bottle from the Simple List of  Whiskey or Vodka. Not from Special List of Drinks.

Smoking: Yes

Open Hours: 10.30 pm -06.00 am

Dress code for men:

Comfortable, Jeans, polo, shirt, sneakers.

Not allowed: Shorts, Sandals.

Dress code for women:

Comfortable, Jeans, shirt, sneakers, dress, high heels if you wish.

Not allowed: Shorts, Sandals.