Do you want to leave the daily routine behind you during your visit to Madrid? Uemura would like to offer you a special service in a dreamy and relaxing atmosphere designed for your well-being. This protocol aesthetic work is aimed at in-depth skin care of your body and brings softness to your touch while you relax. This treatment could be a personal experience for body care or for couples in special moments. We will combine a full manual drain and body peeling with hydration, nutrition and reaffirmation to feed and oxygenate the skin. The most comprehensive way to care for yourself. You will just need to relax and enjoy. Please contact us if you have any doubts. We will be glad to help you and we have all the necessary information about our facilities and treatments at your disposal.


REF: PR-0000000482

Price of the service: €120.00

CITY: Madrid

DURATION: 1.1 Hour(s)

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All protocols and beauty and care treatments are 100% customized.

Please, come 10 minutes before the scheduled time.