UEMURA Assistant, your trustworthy professional, absolute confidentiality and masterful efficiency entirely at your disposal, one who not only tends to all aspects of your everyday life, but also anticipates your personal and family needs, thus allowing you to focus on what is really most important to you.

Your UEMURA Assistant acts according to your preferences, by paying attention to every detail and by treating your private life and schedules with superlative care.



Infinite possibilities...

We offer our users a digital concierge platform to design their dream trip, a 360 experience according with their desires, preferences and allocated budget, from flights, hotels, transfers, city mobility and touristic activities to once in a life time experiences, tailor made trips, yachts, villas, private jets, A list events and sold out tickets, personal services, assistants, errands, daytime and nighttime leisure activities, self-designed trips or personalized trips based on request in multiple destinations worldwide.


Emergency Request

Our assistance services are focused to help in various emergency situations. The personnel assistance services include obtaining information about the services of third-party entities, arranging for communication with such entities and mediation of such services.

  • Home Assistance help in emergency for apartments, condos, villas
  • Interrupted trip assistance
  • Travel emergency assistance
  • Embassy/consulate information
  • Medical Assistance for travel insurance abroad
  • Legal Assistance help to solve legal problems in all UEMURA destinations
  • Lost ticket replacement
  • Lost documentation assistance
  • Lost baggage assistance
  • Car Assistance comprehensive assistance for motorists


24/7/365. Support anywhere, anytime. Helping you make the most of your UEMURA experience. Get anything done, a team of human assistants work on your most complicated requests.

UEMURA intelligently delivers relevant information and assistance via live chat, providing instant answers to any questions, the right expertise at the right place and time.



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Take advantage of our personal concierge services while at home or traveling. Whether you need someone to run basic errands, pick up concert tickets or cater a chartered yacht, your UEMURA Concierge Specialist can do it while providing exceptional tailored service.