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At UEMURA your safety is first. Therefore, to keep your account protected, as well as the information it contains, the network will remain independent for now.

If you want more information about the social network UEMURA, contact us at: info@uemura.eu. And we will assist you.

In your UEMURA social network you have all the tools at your fingertips. You will have indicators to share content, connect with people and topics that you are interested in sharing, upload the photos of your experiences UEMURA and discuss with your travel companions about it.

It's very simple! When you create an account in UEMURA, you will automatically have access to your social network and you can start sharing, access UEMURA and click on Register.
To do so, you only need to use your name, email address or your Twitter, Google or LinkedIn account.

At UEMURA we are committed to taking care of your safety and offering our clients the best experiences. If you consider that any person has inappropriate behavior within UEMURA, let us know below.
Write to info@uemura.eu explain what happened and we will take precautions immediately. 

No one can know your exact location to protect your privacy. In your network UEMURA, you only can see the profiles by distance approximation by zones. Never precise places.

In UEMURA we are an ecosystem, the people registered in the social network are the only ones who can see your profile, they can share content, photos of their experiences UEMURA and connect with you.