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Most frequent questions

Of course! With UEMURA you can enjoy your trips with whoever you want. In your reservation section, you can make an automatic reservation with up to 9 people.

Remember that you can have the multiuser tool that will facilitate your group experiences.

If you want to travel with a larger group, write us your request to: info@uemura.eu and we will manage it for you. 

In UEMURA you can buy the tickets and trips you want. 

At the time of your reservation, observe the specifications of your tickets and select the one that fits what you want for your UEMURA experience. 

If you require our assistance write us during your reservation or an email to:  info@uemura.eu and we will assist you.

Each airline has different cancellation regulations. You can check your ticket, they usually contain some information about it. 

At UEMURA we will not charge you anything, not even the commission for UEMURA service.

If you have any questions about your cancellation, please contact your line directly or write to: info@uemura.eu with your request, contact details and we will answer it as soon as possible

In UEMURA you will find the prices of the flights, including the applicable taxes and fees

But there are exceptions, each airline has different stipulations (such as the optional rates for traveling with luggage in the hold, choose a seat, in the case of some airlines, travel with pets) In those cases, consult directly with your airline.

If you want our assistance do not hesitate to contact us at: info@uemura.eu with your request, contact information and we will answer it as soon as possible.

No. Airlines have different rates and estimates with luggage. 

We recommend that you visit your airline's site and check if the airline you chose charges for carrying baggage or hand luggage. 

For more information and immediate assistance of your case, contact us in our customer service portal.